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Laura was born in 1992 in a soulless suburb of Paris, where she grew up. Like many suburban towns surrounding the French capital this dormitory city was a typical place, lived in by people who go to Paris to work. This soul-destroying place was where Laura spent most of her childhood, splitting her time between her grandparents and her uncle’s, Nino and Franco Vitalino, whose paintings provided a window on to another world which was to later influence her own art. 

 From a very young age, she has been attracted by the dark and the macabre. She was pushed to follow the traditional school + conventional job pattern but realised soon enough that, this was not the lifestyle for her. 

Laura moved to London in search of a place which would help her nurture her artistic soul. 


Laura’s art is non-conformist. As a self-taught artist she draws her inspiration from her own life and inner demons, drawing on a range of styles and technique. Her art is dark and provocative, she explores the internal pain and turmoil of humans being in their most vulnerable state, showcasing raw emotions of her subjects continually fighting against the invisible oppressive force or seeking revenge.


Laura takes her inspiration from the expressionism and the dystopian surrealism movements of the 20th century, whose surreal and nightmarish imagery has influenced her style. Through an earthy colour palette and the repetitive use of bold dark red, the artist invites us into her haunted world, where she depicts raw emotions and torment. Her paintings feature provocative figures with distorted bodies, often presented in an expressive style where sexuality is magnified through a strong storyline.


2023 - "What is art" -  Boomer gallery

2023 - "Echo II" - The Holy Art gallery

2020 - Private exhibition - Clyde & co - Perspective project


 2020 -"Exhibition 104" - Amina Malik Gallery 

 2019 - "Tis the season to be mindful" - Creative Voices Mind  

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